People spend too much time working and studying and not enough time with family.

In an era of competition and hard work, human beings have been running to achieve victory. Many people always complain about their tight schedule of work and claims that they don’t have enough time to spend with their family members. I believe that it is hard for many people to give some time for family and also think that they should organize their timetable to live precious moments of life with family members, to listen and share their problems, and to receive update about their life.

The opponent argues that one should think with mind rather than with heart to be succeed in life. Sometimes they consider their family member a emotional weakness. But they don’t know that they are losing the important moments of personal life while working hard to gain goals in the professional life. If a busy businessman can’t come to a hospital to welcome his first infant, he misses the one of the best period of life, for instance.
Another importance of spending time with family is that all family member can talk with each other and share their problems they might have. Many families are suffering nowadays with communication gap and I think a lack of time for personal life is a direct cause for that. For example, how can a 10-years- old boy complain about his new friends, his like and dislike about the community, his obstacles for study if his parents are such a busy persons’ that they don’t have enough time for his son in their routine schedule?

It is also important for each member of family to keep update of one another. Many people have time to be social enough with professional meetings while working and studying for professional benefits but not for family gathering. I don’t wonder why some children commit suicide though they have all facilities in their home. Many parents fail to understand that their children want emotional subjective support but not the objective luxuries of life.

In conclusion, if someone works hard to earn money and success, he/she is not doing any bad. But if someone tries to gain something by compromising time for children and family, it is not good idea to be victorious and famous person. I think one should learn to prioritize his/her family first.

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Hi, I thought you did a good job with this essay. Your content is very good and you have addressed the topic well, providing some good examples. Your vocabulary is a little bit simple though and you have some mistakes with articles and some word usage. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.