People should not to pay for the public transportation. Do you agree or disagree?

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Nowadays, public transportation gives a service to every citizen. Everyone has an opportunity to take a bus. Establish public transportation is aimed to make people lived in the city or village convenient. Therefore, people should not pay for the public transportation. There are three reasons to support this issue.

First and foremost, public transportation for free is better to relieving traffic jam. More and more people want to take a bus instead of driving their own car, when public transportation is free to everyone. For example, government pays a large part of public transportation in Beijing. So, citizen in Beijing will pay lower fare to tale bus or train. The data of Beijing traffic situation show that traffic jam has already reduce more and more since the government’s policy implemented. We can image that people will be more willing to take public transportation, when people don’t pay for public transportation.

In addition, public transportation for free is better to protecting the environment. The more people want to take a public transportation, the more people won’t to drive their car. The car will create a lot of toxic air into the sky. In the big city, people are all live in the dirty environment, because there is a lot of air pollution such as car exhaust. The most effective way to change the dirty environment is deducing the car driving on the stress.

Finally, public transportation for free is better to increase employment. According to above analysis, public transportation will face a big problem that is lack of employee to run the bus, subway or train. So the department of public transportation must increase their employees to face increasing people on public transportation. This will the best way to solve the biggest social problem—employment. The government will also get benefit from the policy they made.

In conclusion, the policy that people don’t pay for public transportation is better for not only traffic, environment and employment, but also our whole society.

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Good morning Shepherd. Your work is quite good, but still below acceptable standards for the TOEFL exam. Like many other students you suffer from the same problem; A lack of reading.
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Thank you, kitos! I want to know what material or book will I read for TOEFL?