People attend college or university for many different reasons.

Only by attending college or university can you easily to change your life in a miraculous way. Thus, university is the same as a key which leads you to success. Different people have different reasons for studying in college. In my opinion, going on a further study, enriching experience and preparing for career are three main reasons.

First of all, university is such a prestigious place that the students build solid knowledge base. In college, the students have access to a lot of new subjects which they have never learned before. In addition, they have to study their own major so as to apply what they have known for future job. One of the most advantageous things is that there are many well-qualified professors having abundant teaching experience. Therefore, you will have more opportunities to discuss what sorts of matter with them. Definitely, their answers, which are always excellent and rightful can expand your eyesight.

Secondly, studying in college will bring you rewarding experience and useful abilities. Some students live in dormitory have more chances to interact with other people. The campus life teaches you how to live in harmony, take care of everybody and conduct yourself. Your communicating competence will be improved a lot and you feel neither unconfident nor afraid. Besides, participating in university enables you to do an internship. You are able to gain a lot of practical experience after each field trip. As a result, you will become better and better day after day.

Last but not the least, students go to university in order to be ready for their future career. At the time being, the enterprises almost recruit the staff who have diploma with a high level. Without any college’s certificates, you will find it difficult to get a good job and have a high position. For instance, you would be a manager or a director if you had a degree with excellent level. Furthermore, many scientists graduated from college and then contributed their achievement to society.

In a word, those three main reasons prove that studying in university is extremely essential for students who want to develop career and improve living quality. It is such a unique way that you can reach your goals easily.

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