people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings

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In some countries, people are no longer allowed to smoke in many public places and office buildings. Do you think this is a good rule or a bad rule?

Recently, our executive announced forbid policy of smoking in public spaces. It intrigued hearted discussion between defenders and objectors. The latter argues that smokers have the right to enjoy their life, thus smoking should guarantee in the country. However, their argument has no reasoning. I believe that forbidding smoking in the public places and office buildings should be encouraged by government. The rationale behind this is that indirect smoking is harmful to non-smoking people, and government can save money to be clean.
To begin with, secondhand smoking is serious problem in society, because a lot of people get various diseases by it. That is because, when smokers suck in tobacco smoke, it passes in a filter. In other word, smokers absorb less detriment elements through a cigarette. On the other hand, non-smokers suck in smoke without any safe devices. A few days ago, KBS, a famous broadcast in Korea, broadcasted the damages of smoking. It studied the damages of passive smoking. The media showed a person. The woman got a cancer, but she was a non-smoker for 35 years. Surprisingly, an amount of nicotine level be found in her body as same as a smoker. This cause was her husband. Her husband’s smoking provided her with cause albeit she was not a smoker. As a result, the restriction of smoking in the public places is the best rule to protect the public health.
Furthermore, the government can save expense that they consume to employ cleaners and dispose of rubbish. The government would save a lot of money to be clean smokers’ cigarette butts were smoking to prohibit in public spaces. For example, my country did not prohibit smoking in public places 10 years ago. I clearly remembered that cleaners cleaned up streets and building all through morning, and they often dumped wastebaskets due to cigarette butts. However, these scenes had disappeared as soon as the prohibition of smoking in public places. Thus, the government could reduce the waste of budget and the people could enjoy clean environmental.
To sum up, without any doubt, I firmly believe that the prohibiting of smoking in the public places is a good rule for our society. The reason is that we can escape from secondhand smoke and the government prevents slipping away budget. For above-mentioned reasons, I believe that is a best idea.

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