People are living more happy and satisfied lives than we were in the past

The advent of new technology has made enormous changes in today’s world. This advancement has provided people a better place to live. However, because the world is changing so quickly, some people are not satisfied with their lives and feel that their lives would be better in the past. However, I totally disagree with them and feel that people are more happy than they were in the past. I feel this way because people are living more healthy, comfortable and luxurious life style in today’s world.

To begin with, the invention of new devices and new concepts and ideas have helped people live physically and mentally healthy. People learn about many things that is good for their health through various media such as newspapers and radios. Furthermore, now we have equipment that make us physically strong. The knowledge about the importance of our help and the advents of new devices have encouraged us to live healthy lives. This has made it possible to enjoy our lives. In the past, people had neither this knowledge nor the devices. Thus, they could not live longer and healthier than they are doing today.

In addition, people have many facilities that have made a world a better place to live. In the past, we did not have house or the amenities that we have today. Now we have houses which are protected from natural disastrous such as storm and hurricane. We have equipment such as dish washer, washing machine, which has made our lives easier.
Furthermore, our lives at work place have also become relaxing with the machinery such as printer, xerox machines and so on. All these have made our lives happier than t was in the past.

To sum it up, some people are not satisfied with their lives with the quickly changing world because they are not able to pacify their lives with the changes made in today’s world. However, I believe that we are living more happy and satisfied lives than we were in the past because the changes in the world have given us more healthy and comfortable life-style.

Thank you.

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Hi Jatkin, another excellent essay. The rule is we use “more” instead of adding “er” for a two or more syllable word, except when that word ends in a y. “more careful”, “more intelligent”, “happier”, “lonelier”, “unfriendlier”. You actually have very few outright errors in this one, though you do have some word choices that I think could be improved. Your content is good and very well organized. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you sir.