Peer-to-peer systems are important Internet applications...

Peer-to-peer systems are important Internet applications. A major portion of the Internet traffic belongs to such applications. Flooding search is a basic search scheme for unstructured peer-to-peer networks, where node must send a query message to all its neighbors when seeking a file (in a file sharing situation). This technique produces exponentially redundant messages in each hop.

Consequently, the growth of redundant messages limits system scalability and causes unnecessary traffic in networks. To improve this searching scheme and reduce redundant messages, this paper proposes a novel algorithm named Hybrid Flood. This algorithm is divided into two phases. The first phase follows the flooding with a limited number of hops. In the second phase, nosy nodes are selected in each searching horizon. The nosy nodes are nodes which have the most links to other nodes. These nodes maintain the data index of all client nodes.

The proposed algorithm extends the search efficiency by reducing redundant messages in each hop. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm decreases 60% of redundant messages and saves up to 70% of searching traffic.

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