payable vs paid

Please tell me which sentences below do you find more nature ?
1.a fee of £49, payable by the tenant…
2.a fee of £49, paid by the tenant…
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi Duc,

The difference here is to do with what is about to be done and what has already been done.

The fee is payable in advance means that you have to pay this fee first = it is to be done.

The fee has been/was paid in advance = the money has already been spent.


Except …

A fee of 20 Euro, paid by the tennat, should be completed by the 15th August 2008 (action of payment in this case NOT done)

The answer to your question can only be told when we know what follows the words you wrote …

Let me know the ending and I can give you the answer.


Surely this would be ‘payable by the tenant’.


Both are actually correct “payable by” or “paid by”

“paid by reflects” “the fact”

“payable by” reflects “the action”

Both ‘paid’ and ‘payable’ are correct.
‘payable’ means ‘must/may be paid’

In fact ,I looked the word ‘‘payable’’ in Longman dictionary online and I found that the usage of this word was just like that of ‘‘paid’’ .so I consulted you.

I think I’ve got it! Payable - must be/is to be paid (in the future), paid - has already been done (or why we call it Past Participle?) or in general is paid by somebody (to denote the person - who is to pay for it).