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“The numbers below show basic information about uses of leisure time among different age groups”

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Here is my answer:

“The table illustrates how people in different ages use their free time. At first glance, it is evident that sports and exercise is by far the activity in which the whole population spends the most time; even though its popularity varies among each age group.
To begin, people aged from 13 to 19 spend most of their leisure time on computer and sports and exercise, at 75 and 60 minutes per weekend day respectively. In sharp contrast, the amount of time they use for reading is just 5 minutes per day.
In comparison with the other two groups, people from 20 to 65 years old use far more time for leisure activities. They are especially interested in sports and exercise, as the time they spend on this activity are 2 hours per weekend day, quadruple the time spent on reading or computer.
The pattern is reversed for those over 66 years old. They prefer spending time on intellectual pastimes to physical ones. With one hour per weekend day, reading is the favorite activity for the last group, whereas the figure for computer is half of that and for sports and exercise is just one-third.
To sum up, teenagers spend most of their time on computer while the mature prefer sports and exercise. Reading is most enjoyed by the elderly.”

Please help me to correct this, thanks in advance!

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Hi Fouryz, not too bad, but see my notes about your first sentence and your summary.
I guess your table is wrong, it should be 20-65 years old? Also, an interesting fact you skipped is the overall time spent doing these three activities. It varies somewhat -
140 minutes for the teenagers and adults, but only 110 for the senior citizens.