past, present or mixed tense

The patient was discharged home.

I’d omit “home” here.

The patient was discharged.

Or if you must show that the patient went home, try this (IMO it sounds better):

Upon discharge (OR “Upon being discharged”), the patient went home.

or if he was taken to his home by someone else:

Upon discharge (being discharged), the patient was taken to his home.

Your question seems to be in the title of the thread, but I’m still not sure what your question actually is. So, I’ll just add that your original sentence was written in the simple past tense (passive voice).

I agree with Prezbucky – you should either omit the word home or write that part differently.


The patient was discharged and sent home.


The patient was discharged heading for home.

Is it correct?

Hi Sultano

That sentence indicates that the patient had already begun to travel home before he/she was discharged.