passive or active form?

Hi everyone,

I just read a letter and found a sentence that make me confused.

“Our conversation this morning on the above matter refers”

Is that sentence correct? If it is correct, what type of sentence it is; passive or active form?

I need the rest of the sentence.

Mister Micawber, I already gave the full sentence. Below of the sentence are just the rest of the letter’s contents.

That’s not a sentence, Salmonella. There seems to be a phrase missing from the end of it.
Could it be a heading?

Beeesneees, I’m pretty sure it is a complete sentence and it is not a heading. I found this sentence on a formal letter I got at office. Maybe later, I try to get the whole contents of the letter, so you can check by yourself in more detail.

If it’s a complete sentence, it’s a very badly written one.