Passing the TOEFL exam.

Please write an essay outlining why passing the TOEFL exam is so very important to you.

How exactly do you envisage it will change your life around?
How do you prepare prior to taking the exam?
All segments of the exam have equal importance, but which do you think will be the most important in your planned career?
How many hours per day do you devote to studying English?
What do you hope to achieve, assuming that you do pass the exam?

Treat this as a TOEFL topic, and time yourself. After all, that is what you have to do in the real exam.


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Hi Kitos
That is a very good idea, I think practicing different topics even if they are not those of TOEFL can help the members of this forum get more experience. It is a good idea to practice writing in different subjects, that way they will be able to improve their vocabulary and writing techniques. Remember the more you write the better you get at it.

Good evening dear Yamilet. It is so nice to see you on the thread again. I know you are far too busy to make a regular visit, but each visit is memorable.
Tomas and all we others miss you and your brilliant work.
Hopefully things are forging ahead in your life, and your plans are slowly coming to fruition.
It is so sad to know that people just HAVE to move on. Their leaving leaves a big gap that takes time to fill. All we can hope is that you are happy and content in your new environment.
Take good care of yourself and your little one dear Yami, and our best regards to your supportive husband. May your God smile on you.


I have already written it Kitos. Thanks for inspiring me to write it.