Parts of the body used as verbs

There are 3 sentences below where the missed word must be a part of the body used as a verb (idiom or phrasal verb):

  1. The boys stood on one side of the room, *** up the girls on the other side.
  2. Could you help me by *** out these books to the other students?
  3. Pat loves *** around other people houses, looking in cupboards and reading their letters.

I haven’t got any pretty ideas about it :? , but if you know the answers, please share them :slight_smile: .

  • eyeing up
  • handing out
  • nosing around

Oh, it looks so simple now! Will you mind if I ask you to check two more, please:

Martin footed the ball into the back of the net.
After father’s death, Tom had to hand (? over) the responsibility for the family business.

I am not into soccer (if that’s what it is about), but I don’t think “to foot” can be used here: “to kick” is natural, unless “to foot” has some special meaning in soccer. I’d rather pick headed, which means kicking the ball with your head.

Hand over is right.

Lingvo dictionary says as follows:
“foot” (conv.) - to hit a football with your foot,
“head” - to hit a football with your head,
however Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary has only the record about head.
So, It seems to me that “head” is really better.

I think you are right; the OED calls “foot” as “kick” either obsolete or nautical, or intransitive.