parts of speeches of these sentences

I want to know the part of speech of these sentences.
Pls help

1)Drinking a glass of cold water before going to bed was not a bad idea

2)I wonder whether you like my lending you this money

3)You might have to pay a lot for interrupting this session to prove your point

4)Being an analyst made darcy feel vulnerable


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Hello, Hharishh:

Parsing (identifying the parts of speech) is great fun, isn’t it!

May I try to parse your first sentence?

  1. If we strip the sentence of all the “extra” words, we have the skeleton:

Drinking + was + idea.

  1. Now let’s parse each word:

drinking = gerund
a = adjective (“determiner” in newer books)
glass = noun
of = preposition
water = noun
before = preposition
going = gerund
to = preposition
bed = noun
was = (linking) verb
not = adverb
a = adjective (determiner)
bad =adjective
idea = noun.


P.S. Welcome to this grammar helpline. May I make a respectful suggestion? Maybe you will receive more (and faster) replies if you post one question per thread. In other words, ask members to parse one sentence. After you receive a reply, then you can post another sentence for analysis.


As the post is for the identification of the parts of speech, won’t we be more justified in showing ‘drinking’ and ‘going’ as nouns with the word ‘verbal’ within parentheses?

Hello, Anglophile:

Your suggestions, as usual, are always spot on.


Thanks, James.

Hello James,

Thanks for the lucid explanation and will concede to your suggestion :slight_smile:

Thank you for your kind note, Hharishh.