Parish relief

Please, explain to me the meaning of the following sentences.
‘An unemployed married farm-worker got parish relief.’
‘Even the few who are forced to sell out get compensation.’
‘It is a mistake to cofuse the two.’

relief : Services which help people in need.
Parish: though has direct connection with church, I have heard that it does the function of the local body.
So 'parish relief’may mean relief work taken up by the government through the parish church for the parish.
Compensation: the money paid for any loss or for having created some inconvenience.

Thank you, Narayanan. In the second sentence I don’t understand what they have to sell out. In the third one I’d like to know what ‘the two’ could be.

I thought that the third sentence was yours. You had confused the two–relief and comopensation.

Unless we have clear contexts, it may not be possible to get at the right meaning.
Some had no other go but to sell out their business or shop or valubles. Even such persons got compensation. But then that should have been in the past "…were forced to sell out… got "
To cofuse the two
To mistake one for the other–persons;words and anything.
I got your message.

Thank you, Narayanan.