Parents should allow children to make their own choices?

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Parents should allow children to make their own choices?

There is a public controversy nowadays over the issue of whether parents should allow children to make their own choices rather than on determine their children’s future for them or not. Those who criticize the view argue that they think children lack of ability to recognize the world. But people who favor children can control their own life from they are young, on the other hand, argue that it is necessary to foster child independent. As far as I am concerned, I am inclined to side with the latter opinion on the following ground.

The first reason I would list here to support my ideas is that every child has their own special personality, some people said every baby is a genius, when pursuing things they are interested in, children can be more motivated, inspired, and thus more easily to achieve success, we must believe their creativity, for instance, the variety competition to children that demonstrate they had done many things good enough by themselves and make a lot of amazing result.

Furthermore, allowing children to make their own choices helps them grow into independent and responsible adults. A survey conducted by the Chinese education Research center, after polling more than two hundred families and schools has found a significant percentage of responders who claim children that live in countryside are more mature than children live in city. Because countryside’s children live more hard and laborious, they always help doing household tasks and often look after their little brother and sister, to the contrary, city’s family usually has only a child. Due to this, we found that grow up with less attention from parents can improve children’s ability of decide for themselves.

Admittedly, we must concede sometimes children lack experience and vision to recognize what are really good to them. However, when making choices and decisions, with the instruction and supervision from parents, such negative effects can be avoided. But I was led to advise that all the evidence confirms parents should make a little space to their children.

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