Parents are the best teachers?

Please help me check this, Mr. Kitos!
Thanks in advance!

Parents are the best teachers.


We grow up under the caring and rearing of our beloved parents. At the first stage of our lives, they teach us how to talk, to walk, to eat, and to respect others. As we grow older, they teach us how to read, to play, to do house works, and to discover many new things surrounding us. Honestly, rarely can we grow up and become more mature without our venerable parents. However, I do not consider parents the best teachers, since they are too pamper and indulge their children and they cannot teach their children many things that out of their knowledge.

First and foremost, loving and caring for their children are very natural things that help them maintain and strengthen their relationships. However, some parents are so pamper and indulge their children that they seem cannot do any things on their own without their parents’ helps and supports. Children need to learn how to do things on their own from other people and things rather than their parents. For example, if parents never give their child a chance to cook food on his own, he may be starved when his parents go far away. If parents never teach their child how to drive a bicycle or a motorbike, and instead of that, always use their car to meet and see her at school, she will never know how to drive on their own. Only do children learn how to do things on their own, how to admit failures, how to try their best to succeed after each falling and getting injured they can enjoy their own success and fulfillment, as well as their self-satisfaction.

Second, parents cannot teach their children many things that out of their knowledge. In the dog-eat-dog world today, parents are too busy at their works and house-chores. They are no longer knowledgeable and updated/up-to-date teachers in many fields that require both frequent updates and scientific researches. In these cases, it is better for children to learn from their professors, their friends, and other resources—the books, media, and the Internet. For instance, my parents cannot teach me how to do my researches in computing, since they are actually not familiar with and not competent at computer skills.

In conclusion, parents teach us many important things, and without them, we rarely become more mature people. However, they are not the best teachers, since, in many cases, they are so pamper their children that children cannot learn many things on their own and they cannot teach children many things they want due to their lacking of knowledge.

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