"Parents are the best teachers" Do you agree or disagree? please rate i

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Parents are said as to be the first mentor of any child. Various factors contribute in the development of child and the social, moral and educational development depends on the surroundings, people and parents. Some who think parents can’t be the utmost teacher may argue on the basis of emotional attachment to the child, excessive force to attain excellence which may be deterrent, However I support the fact that parents not only inculcate social and moral values but also help and advice throughout the life and thus are the best teachers.

First of all, parents enrich their child with social and moral values. Any education system does not provide the knowledge to differentiate between good or bad, moral or immoral. It’s the parents who make the children realise the value of society, friends and various relations. A child in the younger age is impressionable and whatever imparted is stuck in his memory. Families in which children lack proper attention are found to be depressed, socially aloof and more aggressive. Thus, parents play a very crucial role in development of a child to a human.

Moreover, Parents advice and support the children in difficult circumstances. Parents not only financially support the children but also make sure that the path chosen by their beloved child is productive and not harmful. Advices given by the parents are unselfish as no parent would like to harm their children. Such protection, advice and care can only be expected from the parents.

Furthermore, educated parents also help in career advancement of the children. After the education from schools or college, children have to study at home and if the parents are educated they help the children with their studies. Shy children may not be able to discuss problem with their teachers but with the parents they can easily discuss, which make them the subject learn. Parents also take care of extra-curricular and all round development o f the children which slowly help in building the career of the children.

To summarise, there are various reason that support parents as the best teacher. Social awareness, ability to differentiate between moral and immoral, crucial advices bestowed and role in career development are some essential factors which make parents the best teacher in my opinion.

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