Pactice CAT tests on 800 - any good?


Can someone pls share their views on the 5 CAT prac tests available on 800

Are they worth paying for?

Thank you!

Hey suchibasal; I don’t know if its my computer, but the script on these test were so small that I couldn’t be bothered with them (RC were really hard to read because of this, and very frustrating as a result). However, from what I saw, they are much harder than the actual GRE questions. I would also say that they are unduly complicated. Hope this helps.

hmm.,. interesting. well thank you for your reply. i think i will try my luck with them. will let you know if it was worth it or not! thanks again. suchi

I didn’t try but there’s a free test on, and I know that one is good!

Thank you! I will def. check it out!