'own' as an adjective

Hello! Is ‘own’ used just for emphasizing?

Have I got the chance of using it or not and mean the same thing?

For instance,

1.- I didn?t find your trousers
2.- I didn?t find your OWN trousers.

The second one sounds so badly to me!

Thanks in advance!

Enjoy this evening!

Yes,you can use the word own but it’s redundant here though it can be used for emphasis :smiley:

Hi Jesus

The sentence “I didn’t find your OWN trousers.” sounds awkward. I’d say that’s because of the use of “own” with a combination of “I” and “your”.

He didn’t wear his own trousers. Instead he wore mine! (he + his)

I only iron my own clothes. (I + my)

You’ve got your own way of doing things, don’t you? (you + your)

Would you please give me your own opinion for a change? (you + your)


Yes,Amy,you’re right.Usage of own is redundunt though it may not be excluded. :smiley: Making parallels with other languages,even with Russian I observed the same structure,though I’d never have used the same sentence in that way(with own).Omission of own has a logical sense :smiley:

Hello Amy

Could you please tell me if it should be don’t you or haven’t you?

Thanks in advance


Hi Tom

Yes, to be grammatically precise, you should say “haven’t you”. I guess I’d forgotten that I’d used the word “got” by the time I arrived at the tag question. :lol:


It’s perfectly okay to say this if you’re contrasting two pairs of pants.

“I didn’t find your OWN trousers, but I found the pair you borrowed.”

“You didn’t go to the party with your own girlfriend.” (In other words, he took someone else’s, or else it’s shocking somehow that he didn’t take the girl even though she is his girlfriend.)

For foreigners, the hazard of the word own usually comes when they try to use it without a possessive adjective. You’ll hear them say things like, “Do you have an own car?” which is totally wrong. It should be “Do you have your own car?”