Overview of Nha Trang's tourism


Nha Trang with natural conditions, both in terms of location, natural landscapes, climate, along with the historical and humanistic foundation to create a tourism destination in Nha Trang attracts many tourists with many types. Diversified travel.
Nha Trang is like a fairyland. With a typical tropical climate, Nha Trang is brilliant with blue sea, white sand, and bright yellow sunshine. The beautiful and dreamy sea tourism city, dubbed the “brilliant flower basket on the East Sea”, “The sunny deck”. The harmony of Vietnam.
Nha Trang - a coastal city and a political, economic, cultural and tourist center of Khanh Hoa province. It is also known as a festival city: Sea Festival, Miss Universe 2008, Miss World 2010, …
The beautiful beaches of Nha Trang city have turned this place into a scenic attraction attracting many tourists traveling Nha Trang.
Nha Trang Bay is classified into one of the 29 most beautiful bays in the world. Dinh Nha Trang is not only rich in natural resources and beautiful landscapes but also associated with the beauty of marine culture and unique cultural-tourism addresses. original and attractive …


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