Outlet Stores


First of all… I went through the sticky link : how to ask a question. I’ve tried to follow the rules but i couldn’t as i can’t see a link of [color=red]Do You Have a Question? that suppose to be right beside the question. Then i’ve tried to send a personal message but i could’nt since i’m new and my posts was merely one topic.

This is my execuse.

There’s a bit distraction about the exact meaning of : [color=blue]outlet. People would think it’s for stores that are going for mega sales or for goods they’d like to get rid of when they’re out-dated.

I look up the Wikipedia and it turned out it might carry different meanings but my relatives and people around in our society insist that the outlet means : On sale or the like.

Please point this out.

/ Thank you

“Outlets” are usually used for the direct sale to the public of goods manufactured by a particular company.
There you will only find goods for sale manufactured by that company.

A “retail outlet” is any shop selling goods by many manufacturers

Hey Kitosdad,

I suppose that you agree with the fact says that the “Outlet” is not limited to be used for “goods on sale”. But also for the goods which are newbrands.

!!! This is what I’m going to look it up.

Dear Puppet. I repeat:- An outlet sells only goods manufactured by THAT company.


Kito, Thank you