Outlet meaning?

Hello, I don’t understand what “outlet” means in this sentence. Can you explain its meaning to me?
“Sports is a good outlet for agression”.
Thank you in advance!


It’s clear to me what it means, but this one is hard to explain.

It means something like releasing energy. If one holds the aggression or any type of energy inside too long it needs to be released.

If you heat water in a closed pot with a tight lid, the water will turn to steam. That steam will build up pressure and need to be released somehow. It needs some kind of outlet, which may be a vent, a pipe or something similar.

Pipes that carry water from ditches might flow into a lake. The end of the pipe where it flows into the lake may also be called an outlet. It’s the same principle as outlet for aggression.


I’d suggest ‘Sports is a good outlet for (shunning) aggressiveness’.

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