"other and the other" or "others and the others"

Dear Mr. Alan,

could you please explain me about ohter and the other or others and the others.
what is the difference between these two things please?

thank you


Hello, Jokung, and welcome to English-test.net.

Other and the other are adjectives and modify nouns. The refers to a specific other thing or things:

Other people don’t like me.
The other managers don’t like me / The other manager doesn’t like me

Others and the others are plural pronouns, and do not modify a noun. The refers to specific other things.

Some people like me and others don’t.
Some of the managers like me and the others don’t.

Does that help?

Hi Jokung,

Using ‘the’ with an adjective followed by a noun emphasises or specifies as in:

English books are sometimes difficult to understand but the English books I have bought are easy to understand.