'ordinary' and 'normal'

Hello everyone.
What is the difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘normal’?

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‘Normal’ describes something that you wouod expect as in: This is the normal temperature here for this time of year. In other words it’s the same now as in other years. ‘Ordinary’ describes something that is typical and usual as in: Nothing happened last week, it was just an ordinary week. In other words it was a typical week and there is nothing unusual to say about it.


So does ‘ordinary’ mean ‘usual’?
If so, then I can say in two way with one meaning:
I went to bed at my usual time.
I went to bed at my ordinary time.

Thanks again.

No. ‘usual’ suggests typical and ‘ordinary’ indicates something that isn’t very special.


Oh. So ‘ordinary’ mean ‘normal’. And I can say two following sentences with one meaning, right?

I have a ordinary cake.
I have a normal cake.