Order of words in a sentence.


Please could someone tell me:

Is it a big mistake when I invert the order of words in a sentence?
(In the songs)

For example:

instead of [color=red]I roam from town to town

I say [color=red]from town to town I roam


Hi Nicky,

There is a strong literary tradition of inverting word order in creative writing, such as poetry and song lyrics, so no, there’s nothing wrong with changing word order in that sort of writing.

You wouldn’t want to do that in regular writing of course, but it’s often done for creative purposes. As long as the syntax isn’t so mangled it becomes unreadable or hard to understand, you should be fine.

The example you posted is perfectly okay in a song or poem, as you have it written. Again, you’ll find many examples of similar restructuring in a lot of songs/poems.

Thank you very much. Now it’s clear…