Opposite of 'Burn'


Could you please tell me if the following expression sounds OK to you? May I ask you to complete it by using the opposite of burn?

(As a complaint to someone who has given you extreme amount of mental torture–the suffering is too slow and painful)

1- You have set such fire to me in which I neither burn completely nor--------, only keep smouldering slowly and painfully.

Is it OK? What should be the opposite of burn?



How about ‘quench’?

May I also suggest a little rephrasing?

You have set such a fire in me that it neither/never burns completely, nor can/will it be quenched. All it does is keep smouldering slowly and painfully (or: in slow and painful agony).

A mere suggestion, as I said. Perhaps someone else can improve it?

Quench is a good option. But I`d rather go for die out, or maybe become extinct.

Here’s my two cents’ worth:

I really like Conchita’s idea: quench. :smiley:

Thanks Conchita and Amy.

I was just wondering if a fire could also burn in slow and painful agony :?: :!: :?:

The same question had popped into my mind! Well, we don’t really know, do we? Anyway, bearing in mind that anything goes in poetry, the idea might not be so incongruous after all.