operation and function

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Sophie, a rising star in her firm’s supply-chain operation, was stupefied to learn that a radical reorganization of the procurement function was being discussed without her input. Rewarded to date for steady annual improvements, she had consistently delivered on her key performance indicators but failed to notice the competitive shifts in her firm’s markets.

What do “operation” and “function” mean in the context above?

In my opinion, “operation” here means either management or activities, and “function” means department/division of the company, but I’m not sure.

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operation - definition point 1
function - definition point 4

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You seem to be complaining about such waste of labour very often. I was not without this experience either. What I now do is ‘select all’ and copy it in ‘clipboard’, and then click ‘send message’ so that if it fails you can paste it after re-logging in.

Yes, thank you. I am well aware of that - but it’s also easy to forget how likely it is to happen.