Opening greeting in a note

Hi there,

My pupils had to write a short note to their host family - the Owens. Is it possible to start the note with the following expressions

Dear Owens
Hey Owens
Dear family Owens
Hello family Owens
Hello family

To me the last one seems correct. What about the rest? Would any of these be okay in informal English?

Thank you for your help!

I think ‘Hello, the Owens’ would sound better.

I think that sounds really odd if you must use a name I would suggest,

Hello, Owens family
Hello, Owen family members.

However the most natural introduction for a short note of this nature would be, “Hello all,”

“Dear all” is what I would have written, too. My pupils didn’t have to use the surname but most of them tried to because it was mentioned in the instructions.
Thanks for your help.