Open lipped or open lip?

[color=red]An open lipped kiss or [color=red]an open lip kiss?

[color=red]A red hair girl or [color=red]a red haired girl?


‘Open lipped’. and ‘red haired’

Lips come in pairs. A single lip cannot open.
A red hair girl sounds like a girl formed entirely from red hair.

Yes, open lipped and red haired are working as an adjective (adjectives comprising more than one word are compound adjectives). Possible combinations for compound adjectives include

[color=blue]Adj / Adv / N + past participle
Adj / Adv / N + present participle

[color=red]Adj / Prep + N
[color=blue]Adj + N + ed

N / Adj + adj

In open-minded, open is an adjective and minded is a past participle.
In red-haired, red is an adjective and haired is N+ed.

Although it is possible to form compound adjectives using [color=red]Adj + N combination, they are not appropriate for the reasons given by Beeesneees.

  • Please correct me if I am wrong.