Only 14 days left! Any advices...


i am going to write GRE at dec 20th and TOEFL dec 15th…iam very much worried about that…only few days(14 days) left…due to my sickness i have not prepared well…i don’t want to postpone my test because of my india trip…i finished around 35 wordlists till now and i could not memorize some of the words…it is a little bit confusing for me…overall,iam totally confused…can any one give tips or advices for GRE…i practiced upto some extent but i don’t have any idea about the score…analogy questions,i find it difficult because i don’t know the meaning for the words…some people are telling not to follow barrons as it will confuse and telling me to read only the root,suffix,prefix etc…what is ur opinion…please give any advices or tips.

i totally lost hope…

Hi Rya, here is my first piece of advice: Try to stay cool. It’s just a test, the only real exam that exists is life itself and it happens every minute of every day. As for the GRE, you might want to get an audio vocabulary program such as Executive Vocabulary and listen to a number of sessions every day. This will help you memorize more words in a shorter period of time. At any rate you should be realistic: How many new words can learn within two weeks? What’s more important than memorizing separate words is to develop an effective reading comprehension technique. Try to infer the meaning of unknown words from the context. Concentrate on the gist of the text and follow your intuition. Those are skills you will need later in life, too. Finally, ask yourself how important those exams really are to you. When did you start preparing for them? How many exams are you still going to take in your life?
Let me know what you think.

PS: The noun ‘advice’ is uncountable.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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