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A family member is coming to stay with you. He / she will be arriving by train in the evening but you won’t be home until the evening.
Write a letter: - Explain arguments you have made for keys.
Tell your relative how to get home from station
Say when you will be home & what you would do that evening.

Dear Swathi,

How are you? Hope you are fine. I felt very happy when you informed me that you are coming to my place in Bangalore. Unfortunately, I will not be able to pick you from the railway station since I will not able to complete my work by the time train reaches station.

I will direct you how to reach home from the station. Come out of station and take a prepaid auto to BTM AXA Building. From there take right turn from the signal go till 18th main, 3rd cross and stop at sunshine apartments. I have already intimated to watch man than you will come. Take keys from him and take rest till I reach home. I prepared snacks for you and kept on the dining table.

I will reach home by 6:30 PM. We will go out for shopping in the forum mall and have nice dinner in the Andhra restaurant.

I am eagerly waiting to see you soon.

Yours faithfully,

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Hi, I thought your letter was pretty good. You answered all the questions in you letter, but you had some unnatural sounding phrases and one confusing setences. Also, you have left out quite a few articles. Overall, I would rate this a band 6.

Thanks Luschen… I will concentrate on articles… 18th main is vertical road and 3rd cross is Horizontal road…

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