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Do you agree that childhood is the happiest time of the person’s life.

Most adults in each and every place around the world are concerned about their living conditions, money and the future. Moreover, they also have to think about the lives of their immediate and extended families. In contrast to adults, children has absolutely different perception of the world surrounded them: they are fascionated with how things works and mostly live playing, but not surviving. In my opinion, childhood is the best time in human lives.

First and foremost, we have to admit the fact that due to some developmental peculiarites, children are more open minded and think outside the box than average adults are. For example, observing my young brothers and sisters, I see that they think differently. What is more, they think in a way that allows them to be creative and have non-standard approach to address problems. This is always beneficial and gives more interesting picture of the world.

Secondly, most children, who live in normal conditions, do not bother about food, roof over their heads and any deadlines. It is obvious, that all these things are handled by adults. Indeed, adults are people who organize, maintain and develop their environment; they are responsible for those who cannot do it yet. Due to these favorable conditions, children play games, explore the world and learn most of their time without giving any thought of their living conditions. I remember how happy I was when reading books, listening music or playing with other on the playgrounds. If I compare challenges that my life gives me now, with what I had being a child, I do belive that most children are the happiest people.

Even though, children have to decide many problems while they are experiencing several developmental stages, they are still quite free to do what they want. They still have a bigger room for the choice than the adults do. That is why the children have happier lives.

There are at least a couple of main reasons for having the happiest time of a person’s life in his or her childhood. It is mainly belived that children are happiest people; there are many examples of that both in the literature and real life situations.

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Hi, I think this is very good. You have a very clear structure with exemplary examples to support your ideas. You still have a few minor problems with articles and a few other mistakes, but not too bad. Overall, i would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.