One for the lonely.

Don’t tell me that it’s over.
Don’t say, “We can be friends”.
For without your love, there never can,
Be a day that ends.
The sleepless nights that’ll follow,
Our parting yesterday.
Will stay with me forever,
Until my dying day.
Where oh where did it go wrong,
What ended love’s sweet song?
Please come back, here by my side,
The place where you belong.
I know I said a lot of things,
That were better left unsaid,
But I was so damned angry that,
They leapt into my head.
I wish that I could take them back,
I know that they weren’t true,
Please give my love just one more chance,
Let’s try and make it through.
I didn’t really mean them
Nor mean to make you cry.
Please say it isn’t over,
And give it one more try.