On a regular basis" means

Hi teachers,

  1. “On a regular basis” means?

  2. I am finished playing. Means I have finished playing. ?

  3. If your marble is behind the line, you are out and if it is ahead the line, you are at first number and will play first. Correct?

  1. At regular times.

  2. Yes. Use of the present tense indicates that the speaker has only just finished.

  3. does not sound accurate. Perhaps you mean this:
    If your marble is behind the line you are out. If it is the furthest distance in front of the line you will play first.

Thank you, Madam BeesNees. But can’t I use “If it is ahead of the line.” ?

There is nothing really wrong with the grammar, but I don’t think many native speakers would choose to use ‘ahead of’ in this way (something movable being ahead of a fixed object), particularly if, as I suspect, several marbles might be in front of the line… the marble furthest in front playing first; the marble with the second greatest distance playing second, etc.

Okay, thank you.