omitted words


Still, I’m working on one of Stevenotes:

Between “statement” and “last”, he paused. I think in a full sentence, he should say like this: Ebay CEO, John Donahoe made this statement at the last week’s D conference. Am I right?

Besides, he said using “statement” and said “This is a statment of Larry Page made a few days ago: blah blah blah.” Can I use just “This is a statment of Larry page: blah blah blah”, without “made a few days ago”? I think it’s possible but not sure it’s natural way to say so.

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You’d just use “at”, not “at the”; “the” is superfluous, because the possessive “last week’s” cannot go with “the”. It is like “the my car”: not possible.

Yes, you could just say, “this is a statement of x: bla”. However, if you don’t mention when he said that, and if there is no context that tells the reader when he said it, it sounds a bit odd. (Context could be your mentioning in the sentence before that x was at a certain event.) It would be like quoting a famous poet or something. But it is possible.