omision of indefinite article

What’s this in English? means How do you say it in English? The answer should be Map. or It’s map. I wonder if there should be an indefinite article before map.

No, the answer should be, “A map,” or, “It’s a map.” You must have the indefinite article there.

Thank you, Jamie(K).
What follows It’s a map. is Can you spell it?—Yes, M-A-P, map. Is it necessary to use the indefinite article here? If the teacher has a picture of bread in his/her hand and asks the students What’s this in English? Should the answer be It’s a loaf of bread or It’s bread?

a map - because map is countable, so you need the article.

a loaf of bread or bread are both fine. Loaves aof bread are countable and need the article. Bread is uncountable and doesn’t need the article.

Thanks a lot, Beeesneees.
When teaching English as a foreign language in China, the teacher often holds a picture of something in the hand, tells the students to look at it and asks What’s this in English? The teacher is not asking what the thing is( It’s a car, a map, bread…). He/She is merely asking the students to give the English equivalent of a Chinese word(as shown by the picture). In this case, should the grammatical rules of using articles be strictly followed?

When learning the names of nouns from flashcards, then it is up to your teacher whether they would prefer you to use the article or not.

Thank you.