OMG! listening of my exam today

i finished my exam 1 hours ago.
I had nothing to talk about it
My listening was the most disappointing part today. The quiz was really “awesome” although I understood lecture’s structure. I filled a lot of my answer base on luck. I couldn’t image the difficulty of it. The speaker talks really fast like Kaplan and Barron but the quiz was more ambiguous than all of the material barron, cambridge

However, My writing satified me. It’s quite easy. The 2nd quiz is about careful plans
Mohamed is true that the reading is awesome too however I still could deal with it

To anyone who haven’t taken real tests. I recommend do four Kaplan tests. They reflex exactly the speaker’s speed although the quiz is much easier

Ah, about my speaking, it’s acceptable.

TOEFL listening lectures: Why does the professor mention New York Harbor?

Thank you mr Kitos. Your patience helps me triumph over writting part
I also thank to Mohamed, you are so kind.

Kaka, I wonder if you happened to take the test at the University of Pedagogy ?!?

OMG, today both of you took exam my friend??? wish you all the best Kaka
@Gianglp, which university you are now studying at ?

Your welcome my friend.

@Richard: I’m going to the scandalous (lol, just kidding, don’t take it serious!) FPT University right now … How abt u? which one are u going to apply?

But how old are you? I would think that you are studying at a university. I have set my heart on Foreign Trade University. But I am worried now. I have had a talk with my Mom, Grandparents this afternoon. Giang, if I fail this forthcoming exam, I will run the risk of failing to go into this university, and I really don’t want to apply for any others, it is my big love :frowning:

FYI, I’m turning 21 next month ^^ Oh, you set such a really high goal ( you will need at least 25/30 for Math,Physics and Chemistry or 22/30 for Math, Literature and English. I guess your focus is on the latter, rite? ) With the hardworking attitude you’ve shown, you surely can do it. I just wonder why you don’t think of studying abroad with your English?

A degree is not everything to me, I want to study in FTU for 2 years, then study abroad, I want to experience as much as possible. I have known many sisters, brothers there through FTU forum. I love them all, admire them all. I want to be there with them, want to become so good like them. That why I call FTU is big love of my life, I do not simply like it for its fame. But I put many efforts and time in this exam, I have almost neglected Literature and Math for these days in order to pay attention to English, it seems to me that I am putting all my eggs in one basket. After this exam, I have to make up for these days…:frowning:

When are you going to take the TOEFL then?

In my opinion, FTU is good, not because of its teaching quality but the opportunities it provides for students. My friends there (lots of my friends are going to FTU) usually learn many soft skills because FTU is very strong in school activities as well as social ones. The school gives them abundant free time (especially in the first and second years) to do other things instead of studying major subjects. That’s why FTUers is very confident in communication and self-study.

Don’t worry, you still have next semester to study Math and Literature :slight_smile: I think you can do it. Always ‘hope for the best and be prepared for the worst’ :smiley:

You are right ^^

I don’t take TOEFL, it is a national exam in English, it is going to take place on 11st of January ^^, seems like more time left than others here. But I think that is because I am too provident ^^

Kaka, can you share us the topic essay and speaking of yours? Thanks

I took my test in IIG VN.

Can you tell more clearly? I don’t know it

I mean Cleverlearn center

Gianglp do you think lestening section today is really difficult

A little bit, I skip 1 question :(( Listening WAS the one that I’m confident the most.Hence, I’m really frustrated with myself because of this!

Oh my god :)) what an interesting coincidence! You just happen to take the exam on my birthday !!!

OMG, I’ll never forget your birthday. ^^. It has been sticked to my mind ^^

What about the topic???