Olympic Games?

Hello everybody,

Let’s talk about sports. Who of you likes sports? What is your favourite sport? Do you do any sport yourself or do you prefer watching it on TV? What do you think of the Olympic Games — they will cost about 1 Billion Euros. Is that too much? Are the Games too commercial?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello friends:),I train taekwondo , and I can say that this sport is interesting and exciting. I began to train before 6 years.I like and others spors as basketball , table tenis and so on… About olympic sports , for first time the olimpiad 2004 pass through our town and there is a procession,and people were very agiatated !

Dear yOLINa,

So you started practising Taekwondo 6 years ago. How often do you train? Do you take part in competitions?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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At the moment about my training a’m relaxing from two weeks,because I have healthful problem , but in last year I train three or four times on week. I have been on competions 5-6 times . I have never forgotten my first competion I was at 9 years old , then I was in the second places.


Why did you choose Taekwondo as your sport? Do you have a Korean trainer?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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At the begining when I was at 5 years old I looked that my brother train kind of action art called karate and then I want to train , but my mother say me that I’m little yet, And some years later when I go to school , one my friend say me , that in our school have training by taekwondo and I began to train .Аs time goes by I was much taken with taekwondo.
About my trainer at the moment is bulgarian , but before that my trainer was a korean .

Dear yOLINa,

It it is very good that you speak English because you can exchange your experiences with other Taekwondo fans from around the world. A language is a bit like a sport — the more you practise it the better you become. I hope it is OK if I give you some pointers: I understand everything you want to say but when you speak about the past you should try to use the verbs in a past tense too. For example you can say: «… and then I wanted to practise too, but my mother told me…» Or «… time went by…»

From your messages I can see that you know how to
use the Simple Past Tense — you just have to think a little more before you write. Please, let me know what you think.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten
I do mistakes , when I wrote fast , and a lof of my mistakes are out of carelessness. I know more tenses as The Present Continious Tense, The Past Simple , The Present Perfect Tense, The Future Simple Tense,The Past Continious Tense ,The Future Continious Tense,The Past Perfect Tense,The Future Continious Tense and so on .

Hi yOLINa,

When you use English as a second language you will always have to keep a balance between accuracy and fluency. This means, you have to decide, what is more important in a given situation: to produce a text that is grammatically absolutely correct or to express ideas very fluently and make concessions in regard to grammar and syntax.
For example, when you take an English test paper at school it is very important that you get all the tenses right, spell every word correctly, use the right prepositions etc.
Or when you write a business letter to a company you also have to make sure that you use proper phrases.
So, if you agree we can take a look at some English language items from time to time.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten , ofcource I agree with you. Maybe I have to learn better to express ideas very fluently , makes concession in regard to grammar and syntax, and to produce a text is grammar correct.

Dear yOLINa,

Do you know how you can improve your written English? You can use Google: For example, if you want to know whether the phrase “learn better to express ideas” is correct you can search Google for this exact phrase. (Please, note that you have to put your phrase in “quotation marks”). When Google says: «Your search — “learn better to express ideas” — did not match any documents.» you should try to change your phrase. Let’s see, what happens if you search for “learn to express ideas better”. Try it out and let me know what you think.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hello Torsten,
I think that I can to improve my english as I read books in english also. About the search , something is uncorrect, because a search find things which are unnecessary.

Dear yOLINa,

Please take the following steps to see what I mean:

  1. Go to Google and search for your phrase “I think that can to improve”.

  2. Go to Google and search for the phrase “I think I can improve”.

  3. Compare the results.

  4. Decide which phrase is proper English.

  5. Let me know what you think.


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Torsten ,
thank you very much for the instructions :slight_smile:

Hello Torsten!!!
Speaking about myself I used to go in for sports for a long time many years ago… I had a great chance to become an excellent sportsman. However, I had to choose between sports & studies. And I chose the second. But I dont regret. Im glad I ad a good opportunity to become a very good swimmer for now when I come to a swimming-pool many people (especially men) admire my skills :))) Thats nice because a lot of people swim up to me & ask for a piece of advice connected to swimming :))) So, Im proud of myself a bit!

Hi! I like swimming too! :lol:

Hi!!! Are you just an amateur swimmer or a professional or one who just likes to watch in on TV???

An amateur swimmer

And how long have you been swimming???

I don’t know exactly.