Old doubt

Is this sentence good?

“I was calling you to tell you to bring me my lunch”

Also this remind me a doubt I’ve had long time

Soul I say :

Tell me it

Tell it me

Tell it to me

xS I was thinking in the “Tell me about it” but i think it doesn’t fit in what I want because is not as if I were asking someone to tell me a story. It is when for example someone have a secret and I want him to tell me the secret. I will appreciate your help lol

The ‘lunch’ sentence is grammatically correct and indicates either:
that you called someone about lunch earlier and they did not answer at that time, but you are now telling them about the earlier call,
that you have just called someone and when they answered you spoke about something else before explaining the reason for the call. You are now bringing up the reason for the al.

In most instances ‘tell me’ is adequate. The others are context dependent.
‘Tell me about it’ doesn’t necessarily indicate a story.

Yes. It was something like that! I called a friend, he didn’t answer and then when I saw him I told him that, but it sounded strange for me because there are a lot of “you” and “to” in the sentence.

So, if we are talking about something and there is one detail I want to know and you don’t want to tell me with saying “Tell me” is enough? xD