Ok enough by now

I gotta tell you, I have learnt a bunch tonight, gonna call it a night cuz I’m finishing my shift now it’s 5:30 am in my country. By the way I work in C.A.N.T.V every other night, Im a communication super in the grave yard shift .so it’ll be untill tomorrow night.

I think I’ll write all these phrasals down, so many and so little time.

Bye by now guys… till on line??


What are your responsibilities as a communication super? What exactly is that TV station all about?
Yes, talk to you soon.

TOEIC short conversations: Switching careers[YSaerTTEW443543]

It’s the national telephone company in venezuela and I get to supervise all the operators receiving and connecting calls abroad.

ps. like M.C.I and AT&t.