Oh, that's rain. It looks wet

Talking about weather

Man: Oh, this is pretty. I’m looking at the pictures in the calendar.
What is this white stuff?

Woman: That white stuff is snow.

Man: Snow!

Woman: Yes. When it’s cold, it snow. It snows a lot in Canada.
It’s probably snowing right now.

Man: Not snowing here?

Woman: No, it’s not snowing inside the workshop. But it’s probably
snowing outside. Look out the window and you’ll see.

Man: Oh … You’re right. It is snowing outside, and it looks very cold. Does it snow all the time in Canada?

Woman: It snows a lot, but not all the time, not always. Sometimes it rains. See.

Man: Oh, that’s rain. It looks wet.

Woman: It is wet. But when it isn’t raining or snowing, sometimes the sun shines.


1- What does “It looks wet and It is wet” mean?

2- What does “It” refer to?

Does it refer to "everything or weather?

3- What does “wet” mean?

Does it mean “soggy” or does it mean “rainy”?

Thank you


It refers to everything outside. The road is wet. The sidewalk is wet. The trees are wet. The people are wet. The rain made everything wet and you can see it.


If the Man is CHIPS, he probably just means the rain looks wet.

For a normal person it would be NN’s explanation of everything and the weather.

“Wet”, of course, means there’s water on it, or, in the case of the weather, it’s raining. “Soggy” would mean wet to the point of being squishy or more water than it can hold.


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I keep forgetting that Chips doesn’t know anything at all. Yea, he might be referring to the rain itself, but it would not be used that way in normal conversation.