occupies or was occupying?

—How about the two of us having a walk in the park?
—That’s exactly what____my mind.

A. was occupying B. had occupied C. occupies D. will occupy

The suggested answer is C. But I think A is also possible. What about your opinon?Thanks.

another one:

Can I say like this: I’m happy to make my acquaintance with Tom

I suspect that A is actually a far more common tense to use here than C, but you are correct - they are both possible. There is also a possibility in some contexts that B is correct too.

'You ‘make acquaintance’ with someone else:

I’m happy to make Tom’s acquaintance.
I’m happy to make your acquaintance.

Tnank you. If A, does it mean I had the same idea just now,but at present I may still have the same idea or may not ?

That’s right.

Thank you.

I saw a sentence like this:

It was at the meeting that [color=red]I made my acquaintance with a famous painter, who proves to be a great help to me.

Is it right?

It was at the meeting that I made the acquaintance of a famous painter who proved to be a big help to me.

Thanks a lot.