Obama's family

I have read an article about Obama’s family life in the White House. It was interesting to learn about how they live there and what kind of relationship they have with their children. I want to mention, that they are strict with their children and maybe for somebody this is too much, but for me it is a good example of how to educate my children. I am from Georgia, where such an education is quite normal. More than 80% of all parents in Georgia are strict with their children. For example in my family we were 3 children, I was the oldest, and I had always to show a good example for my little sister and brother. This was to be good at school, to clean my room, to make breakfast and so on. It was also strict with parties and meeting friends after 9 o’clock in the evening.
So, what about you? How is it in your family? How strict are your parents or how strict are you with your kids?