NZ or USA?

Sometimes watching the Olympics doesn’t prove as fascinating as reading reports.
Below is the article where the author juggles names and nationalities to the point you can’t eventually say who’s who and who helped who. Could anybody crack it for me? I’m useless here.

“An American runner has been praised as a true Olympian after stopping mid-race to help a fallen rival on to her feet.
Nikki Hamblin helped New Zealand’s Abbey D’Agostino who was lying dazed [[color=red]H-Am; [color=green]D’Agost—NZ]
………Hamblin hung back to encourage the injured American, who hobbled over the line in last place. [[color=red]D’Agost—Am; [color=green]H–NZ]
They embraced before D’Agostino left in a wheelchair with a hurt ankle.
……….Hamblin fell heavily and Hamblin was first to get to her feet, but D’Agostino was just lying there, appearing to be in tears.
Instead of continuing the race in an attempt to catch up, the American put her hands under the New Zealander’s shoulders to help her up, telling her not to give up. [[color=red]H-Am; [color=green]D’Agost—NZ]
“She helped me first. I tried to help her. She was pretty bad,” said Hamblin after the race. She eventually had to leave D’Agostino behind and thought the American would have to give up. [[color=green]H–NZ; [color=red]D’Agos—Am]
……….This time, it was D’Agostino who was in tears… [previously, who was?..]
Ah, the caption reads: New Zealand’s Hamblin (left) encourages the injured D’Agostino after the American had helped her earlier
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