NS from Singapore: I am back!

Sorry everyone. I am very busy quite lately so i do not have the time to log into this forum and welcome our new members and to help out. I am back finally!!!

:oops: sorry.

Sounds great NS. Get back on the forum as soon as you have the time again. We look forward to hearing your latest news…

TOEIC listening, photographs: Standing at a podium[YSaerTTEW443543]

Welcome to you here again NS :wink:!


I’ve always been a bit confused about Singapore. On a map, it looks like it’s part of Malaysia. (unless it’s colored very distinctly, I suppose)

Any help would… help. hehe

Were Singapore and Malaysia ever the same country (EG, was Singapore a city in Malaysia?.. was Malaysia once called Singapore?.. etc.)?

Do a google search, dude… :wink:


Tom, maybe these will help:

Hi NS,

is that your initial?it`s mine too.

I went to Singapore every year when I was a child.Back then my father had a thing with Singapore.Well now it`s a different issue.Anyway,let’s leave the political thing behind us and have fun here!