Nowadays many people do longer work hour and have more stressful to them

Nowadays many people do longer work hour and have more stressful to them, what do you think and how employers to do?

Currently, an ever-increasing number of adults prefer to work and live in urban areas, and some of them have to work overtime even feel more pressure than ever before. I do believe that modern lifestyle should be responsible for this, besides employers should take some reasonable measures to address these problems.

There is a popular belief that the competition from workplaces results in more working hours and stress. It is true that finding a satisfactory job is far more difficult than ever before. Thus, people need to strike a better performance in their companies after they have jobs. Then, they have to improve themselves by receiving training opportunities and working overloaded. Because of this, plenty of employees may feel stressful.

Another equally important consideration is the increasing prices of products in big cities. Many people probably have such experience, they must earn more money to afford everything, such as expensive house, fashionable private car and so forth. So, working overtime is a must for extra income. At the same time, people are still worried about other daily things. They are more likely to become stressful. From my own experience, I frequently see some young adults work on the weekends without any relaxation. This is mainly because they want to buy their own flats for marriage use.

In order to solve these problems, employers should take some solutions. Firstly, they can make certain working plans for their workers so that they do not need to work for longer hours and ensure to finish their works in due time. Secondly, they may arrange some recreational activities to help employees relax. Further, financial support from companies should be provided to those who have difficulties in economy.

Taking all these factors into consideration, I would say the working competition and raising outcomes of life contribute to this phenomenon. Employers can take some measures to deal with the problems, such as arranging reasonable working hours, providing more opportunities to relax, offering financial support.

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