Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

Admittedly, people’s lives have been enhanced due to THE CREATION OF easyILY -prepared food. The basIs of such change in cooking and eating will be explained as follows.

On the one hand, thanks to the developments /of/WITHIN/ the food industry and the betterment in the distribution channels, pre-processed and frozen food are available in every market and grocery store. In addition, new advanced technologies, such as the microwave oven, have been developed to make cooking much easier.

In the past, people had to spend time cutting, washing and cooking the food, now they can prepare meals within a couple of minutes. Therefore, both improvements in food preparation and kitchen appliances save lots of time and people can /spare/FIND/ time /in/FOR/ other activities.

On the other hand, these brand-new developments trigger off the /downhill/DOWNFALL/ (of/IN/ people’s health condition and the ongoing loss of thoughtful and /careful/WONDERFUL/ home-made dishes. The former is /because/THAT/ most ready-to-eat food’s ingredients lack of true nutrients, whereas the latter is due to people’s unwillingness to TAKE THE TIME TO cook elaborate dishes, because of their hectic lives.

Contrary to what the food companies want us to believe, artificially added vitamins and minerals are not absorbed by our bodies. Besides, most instant meals have too /much/MANY/ preservatives and artificial flavorings, which result in people suffering from indigestion, obesity, cancer, diabetes, etc.

Moreover, although the art of cooking involves helping in the kitchen, having a meal all-together, chatting round the table, in these days people CHOOSE TO grasp something to eat in a hurry and disregard those delightful cuisine’s atmosphere.

In conclusion, while cooking with pre-cooked food and MODERN kitchen equipment simplifies people’s lives, THE welfare OF people’s HEALTH is in serious danger, since instant food cannot BE compareD with THE BENIFITS OF fresh food, as the regular consumption of the former triggers off potential diseases.

Hence, if we wish to enhance our well-being we should not consume these /sorts/TYPES/ of food preparations on a regular basis.

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