Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way peo

Nowadays, food has become easier to prepare. Has this change improved the way people live? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There is no need to hunt these days. People are able to choose what they want to eat within wide range of food and it does not take as much time to prepare launch as it used to. Also preparing food is a good way for making a career if you want to become a chef or run your own tv show.

First of all, there are a great number of choices when somebody decided to have a meal nowadays. Supermarkets, restaurants and cafes offer food for all kind of tastes. A person is able to explore delights of cultural food in a restaurant (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Italian and etc.) or cook at home with a lot of fruit, meat, fish, cheese and so on. Everyone can find the food he like. For example, vegetarians do not want to eat meat and they live a normal life because there are still a lot of food left that vegetarians are able to eat. Anyway, if a person go to cafe or cook at home it takes him much less time to eat than it took for example, two centuries ago. Men do not have to kill animals and make a bonfire to prepare food any more. There are many better ways to spend precious time than running with a bow through forests.

Another way that the ease of cooking food has improved lives is that preparing food has become a well paid job. People make careers as chefs at restaurants. Also there are a few celebrity chefs that work on television. I would like to mention Jamie Oliver who runs his own show on british television. He went to different countries and learned how to cook traditional food. Oliver released two books about cultural food and recently has been listed on Sunday Times list of richest people of Britain.

To sum up, preparing food has become easier and that has given people opportunities to eat what they want, save time and make a successful career at restaurant or on television.

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Hi Pavel, I thought this essay was very good. Your introduction started off a little rough, but your writing seemed to get better as your essay went on. You have a good structure and good reasons that address the prompt well. You have quite a few verb conjugation errors and some other grammatical mistakes, but the meaning of all your sentences is clear. Overall, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Hi Luschen, please explain me the one thing in the text - why did you use an apostrophe here he has been listed on Sunday Times[’] list of richest people of Britain? Thank you very much for all the corrections. I should be more attentive next time.

I think the list belongs to the Sunday Times, so I made it a possessive. If I had a list of people I like the best, I would call it Luschen’s list of favorite people. But in looking online, I think it might be OK when you said “Sunday Times list”, like the “New York Times bestseller list”.

Thank you, it is clear for me now.