Noun Clause

Hello everyone;

“I’m Helen[color=red],your new neighbour
Is it a noun clause or adjective clause?

(1) I believe that it is neither. (As you know, a clause needs a VERB.)

(2) I think that most books would call it a noun PHRASE.

(a) It is being used as an APPOSITIVE. That is, it refers to “Helen.” It is a short way to say: I am Helen. I am your new neighbor.

(i) Helen, my new neighbor, is very nice. = Helen is very nice. She is my new neighbor.
(ii) Have you met Helen, my new neighbor? = Have you met Helen? She is my new neighbor.

Yes, it is a phrase in apposition in place of an adjective clause (who is your new neighbour).

You can juxtapose a phrase like this : John, the author of the book, also spoke at the meeting.