"Nothing suggest itself. There is nothing to do but keep on."

Please have a look at this quotation:

“Nothing suggest itself. There is nothing to do but keep on.”

TE Hulme

=> What do you think about “suggest” here? (without ‘s’)
By the way, what does the writer mean by “nothing suggest itself”?

I’d would say that the correct way is “nothing suggests”.
I’ve checked CAE and found no entry for “nothing suggest”.
I think it follows the same rule as “nobody knows what happened” or “somebody asks a question”.
I will be surprised if the correct way is “suggest”.
just a student.

I agree that it’s a mistake or typo. It should be ‘suggests’.

What Hulme is saying is that no solution is apparent, and that there’s nothing to do but continue as things currently are.

In other words, no (new solution) is suggesting itself.

Which of Hulme’s poems is this from? Without reading the whole context, it’s hard to explain exactly what he means, but knowing that he was a former soldier and well traveled, I would hazzard a guess that he’s talking about some situation where a person was stranded, injured, or in danger with little resources to escape from the situation.

Good idea, Skrej :slight_smile: - Thank you very much (both Skrej and Jaysee :))

I don’t know which Hulme’s poem this is from (actually i don’t even know Hulme is a poet :D) This is just a quotation - no further context, you see. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Nessie

I did a Google search. There were results for the quote “Nothing suggests itself” but no results whatsoever for “Nothing suggest itself.”

I think “typo”. :wink:

The quote you posted is from this except of T.E. Hulme’s poem, “Trenches: St. Eloi”

I can’t find a complete copy, but here’s an excerpt, include your quotation.

My mind is a corridor.
The minds about me are corridors.
Nothing suggests itself.
There is nothing to do but keep on.

He’s making reference to trench warfare and the effects it has on them, reducing their minds to mere corridors. It seems as if he’s commenting on being trapped in these corridors/trenches with no escape, nothing to do but stay hunkered down in them, and that’s all they can think about.

A mental rut, of sorts, resulting from being trapped in the trenches.